Our Philosophy

- The materials used for the construction and the renovation of our resorts are all local - Our resorts fit perfectly with the surrounding landscape and respect it - Used water is recycled and used to water the gardens - The raw materials used in our dishes are strictly fresh and local - Unused food is donated, not thrown

The five senses

All this is what we offer you: a sensory experience made up of scents, sounds and images to keep for ever in you soul. Because a vacation is like a spice: it changes the flavour of whatever it tounches and leaves fragrances for ever embedded in your heart. Imagine places where you can really live, and not just exist.


Our "resident chefs" offer an authentic and refined gastronomic feast, where food is savoured, not eaten. The flavours of traditional local cuisine and the tastiest traditional Italian dishes, as well as innovative fusion cooking and fresh seafood grills, all made strictly with local produce.


Our boutique hotels are all set in lush nature, wrapped in the sensual, intoxicating fragrances of spices and flowers.


Our resorts are situated in the most famous seaside resorts, far from the crowds to guarantee privacy and tranquility, and to overwhelm you with a thousand emotions. Overlooking the ocean, they boast fantastic views where you can lose your gaze in countless shades of colour and infinite details: firey red sunsets will lift your heart and relax your mind, dawns will take your breath away as the sun lights up the sky, immaculate white beaches, gardens with tropical flowers blossoming everywhere. Idyllic landcapes just waiting to be discovered.


In our boutique hotels, the sounds of nature will accompany you for your entire stay. The wind will become a delightful melody, you will be lulled by the sound of the ocean, the rustling of the palm trees, by a multitude of colourful birds whose song provides the score.


The art of relaxation, finding time for yourselves and your senses; you are never too old to be pampered. Our masseurs are there to bring you the highest sensations of wellbeing, harmony and relaxation of body and mind. Enjoy this experience at sunset, the most magical moment of the day, when millions of wishes rise up to the heavens and turn into dreams.

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